Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I ran three miles yesterday! Yay me! I did it in 35 minutes, which means I've got to at least shave off 5 minutes of that, more if I've improved. It's actually one of my favorite runs. I take Lovejoy, go over the Broadway bridge then back. It makes me feel like I'm actually going somewhere. It's not too hill, but does have a slight incline. I'm glad I made myself go because honestly, it was 93 degrees outside and I knew I hadn't had enough water, so I really need to be careful.
After the run, I cooled down a bit with some water and made dinner. I was kind of rushing to get out the door so I don't think I ever really cooled down and at the concert with the AC, I got extremely cold, so once again, I have to really be careful with how my body temperature is doing.
On the Kite Runner side, I am so close to being done. I read a little bit after I got home from the concert and didn't want to put it down, but I also wanted to get more sleep than the night before. I might have to sneak in some reading here at work when I can ;)

One of the passages I found this time around that I liked was:

"I sat by his bed until he fell asleep. Something was lost between Sohrab and me. Until my meeting with the lawyer, Omar Faisal, a light of hope had begun to enter Sohrab's eyes like a timid guest. Now the light was gone, the guest had fled, and I wondered when it would dare return."

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