Thursday, September 20, 2007

Breathe, Eyes, Memory

No, I'm not done with the Bitch, but last night right before I went to bed, something was calling to me. I looked down at my organized pile of books at my floor in between my bed and my nightstand and there it was, waiting, staring at me telling me "it's time". Time for what you ask? Time for me to read it.
I was given this book, Breathe, Eyes, Memory, as a Christmas gift 4 years ago. Four years ago was an interesting time in my life in regards to my taste in things. Sure, I still loved movies and books, but what kind I was able to handle had shifted so slightly. For about 2 years or so, I could not watch drama, or read drama. Things had to be chick lit, romantic comedy, comedy, or nothing. I always make it a point to read books I get as gifts or that have been given to me on loan, but I've also made it a habit (now) to read books when I'm ready to read them. Breath, Eyes, Memory is about a little Haitian girl that get sent to New York to live with a mother she's never known after having been raised by her auntie. The back of the books is very vague but dramatic, she discovers an awful secret . . . And as mentioned, about four years ago, I no longer wanted to continue my exploration into drama and human suffering. I'm not a political person, I hate politics really. People get so worked up. I'm sure there are many people that will argue to death with me on my points (are they politicians?) but I'm a person's person. Things strike me more when it's stories about people and their struggles, or how they've over come adversity. I'm not about measure this or measure that, I want to know how this is all going to affect people, how their lives will change. Is it for the better? So I stay out of politics. One of my strengths is also one of my biggest faults: I'm extremely empathetic to the point of drowning in other people's sorrows. I get so consumed by their problems, that I find it hard to find joy in my own life, I feel guilty. This also happens often with fiction. So until I was able to come to terms with this and move on a bit more rationally, I am finally to read books I wouldn't have been able to handle before, watch movies I might not have enjoyed before and read global news . . .
With that said, the books starts out interesting. It reminds me, for some reason, my ethnic studies courses, probably one in which I read the book A small place by Jamaica Kincaid about tourism in the carribbean and how the local suffer. It also reminds me off learning about Cuba and their sugar fields.

On a work out note, things are going well. I felt a bit under the weather this weekend, but tried hard to not fall off the horse. I ran two miles yesterday, met with my trainer today and will most likely run 3 miles tomorrow. I have my and my newphew's registration for Run Like Hell ready to go and stamp . . . sitting on my table. I forgot it, but tomorrow! Without fail, we will be signed up for the 5k and the kids half mile dash! Go Rodriguezs!

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Kristin said...

I like reading your blog posts! Keep on writing! It's great writing practice and fun to know which books you are reading and all.