Friday, September 7, 2007

Run like Hell

So I decided that I wasn't motivated to run. I'm usually good when I have a set goal and period of time (example:races). So I looked at my calendar to find out when the Run Like Hell Halloween 5k is . . . 8 weeks away! So, I'm a little behind on training (by just a few days) so there it is, my goal. On October 21st, a Sunday, I will "Run Like Hell" hopefully with my nephew, I've yet to ask him.
I usually use Hal Higdon's trainings for my 5ks and 8ks because they are simple and easy to follow, especially the novice ones. This time, since I can actually run three miles ok, I decided to do his intermediate training that has me resting 2 times a week but running more miles and faster on different days in order to improve my time. So that coupled with a trainer at the gym and eating healthy, the way I should and I know how to, I should be able to shed a few pounds and have 3 miles feel like three minutes, right? Hee hee.
So today, three miles it was. Technically, it was 2.95 miles . . . but I'll take it. I mapped my run on the website and headed out of the house, walkmen in hand and credit card. Usually on days I have to get pastries for clients at work, I take a long our company credit card and map my runs around the surrounding bakeries. Today's lucky bakery was Three Lions on NW 23rd. So instead of running through the thick of NW, I decided to head over the river. I took Lovejoy which I recently discovered turns into the Broadway bridge then at N. Benton, I turned around and headed to 23rd approximately to NW Overton. 2.95 miles. After, it's always a nice 5 minute walk back to my house. I like having a built in cool down =)

Kite Runner is going along smoothly. Even though I liked it from the beginning, it's starting to pick up pace much faster than before. It's just interesting to read about different cultures yet at the same time, how similar we all really are.

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