Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a world

There are two things this Ah-Mexi-can thought she'd never do:

-Watch Star Trek in any form.

For the longest time, I've always been scared of needles. When I got my blood drawn in Mexico when I was sick, I freaked out! I could feel the little needle going into my vein, sucking up my life juice . . . AAHHH. But, I also knew it needed to be done. See, that's kind of how I am. Even though there are things I do not like to do-get my blood drawn, eat veggies, get a PAPs (sorry, for the TMI, but it is SERIOUSLY something I hate doing more than anything,) but I do them because they are good for you, or keep you healthy or heck, help save lives. I'd donate blood in high school and college because I knew that somehow, I was making a difference. I eat veggies cuz I know they help fight cancer and give me vital minerals and vitamins I need to be healthy. I get PAP because I apparently like the torture . . . Nah, just want to make sure everything is running right. But acupuncture . . . willingly inserting teeny tiny needles into my body at random places that don't seem to make sense? Not so much. I've been going to a chiropractor because at ate 28, I feel it is time to take care of my physical body in ways that the gym and my diet cannot. She also happens to be an acupuncturist. Today was my second visit, but my first experience. And what's my conclusion? Hells no! My whole left side felt awkward and weird. I couldn't move my wrist, it ached. She had like 5 needs in just ONE EAR! I didn't like it. It was not relaxing. I lay there tense, cold and wondering saying over and over to myself "don't move your left wrist, don't move your left wrist!" So, am I going to do it again at my next visit? Yeah, you know it.

Star Trek the movie
As most of you know, I'm not a big sci-fi fan, especially not a Star Trek fan. I find the shows cheesy, badly done and did I mention cheesy? I can NOT take seriously when someone one yells out "launch the photon torpedoes" or some other gargon. Or that planets are called "Romulus", which I mistakenly called "Ramen" and Volcans come from the planet, well, Volcan. I can't handle it! Even writing this all down makes me smirk and want to run away laughing all the way home. I know that I also confuse people with with what kind of sci-fi I really like and they could argue till their blue in the face about how its the same thing. I've never liked Star Trek, if anything, I'd choose to watch Star Wars. I don't like Lord of the Rings, I prefer Harry Potter. I also like anything X-Filesy and science based as well as super heroes. Yes, yes, I see my contradiction here, but I seriously can't handle aliens that act like humans, etc. . . So why did I go see Star Trek? Well, I'm a fan of JJ Abrams and my favorite actor from Heroes is in it . . . honestly, I could care less about the rest of the movie. What I expected was action packed fun in space. And that I got . . . and more. Not only was it action packed, but the affects were amazing and the acting, superb. I have nothing really to compare these characters to so it was all new to me and I found myself really enjoying it. Even though I could see a bit of Syler in Zachary Quinto (kind of hard not too, he has intense eyes) he did a great job of obviously leaving that character in the shadows. I am however, impressed by the make-up artists: good job on covering up those eyebrows!

All in all, this is a year of trying new things, from acupuncture to Star Trek, and don't get too excited, but I did find the science-the physics, the warp speed-quite interesting.

*All Star Trek info provided by Kristin Hanes. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, it's been a while. Why? Well, I've been injured and sick, sick and injured. For the past 4-5 weeks, I pulled, strained, hurt, cursed a muscle in my butt. It's still not completely healed. I can feel it now and again in certain positions (like when I sleep or get out of the car) but I *think* (hope) its getting better. It got so bad two weeks ago, that I was limping, so I decided to go to a sports medicine doctor. That appointment is tomorrow. My biggest fear is that he'll tell me to not work out and rest . . . but I did that! I did that for 4 weeks and gained 8 pounds! I cannot do that again. On top of the stupid muscle, I got a cold and was out of the gym for 2 of those 4 weeks. I started to feel sorry for myself and instead of curbing my eating, I decided donuts for breakfast was a great solution. Eight pounds later, I'm heavier, unhappy and pissed off! So last week, I was back to it. I was finally feeling better, the leg was feeling a bit better and the eating, well, I'm re-training myself day by day and did really great yesterday. I did yoga twice last week and I hope to do it twice this week but I've made a few plans after work, so if I get a good nights' sleep one of these nights, I'll attempt the 6am yoga. Am I insane? Um, yes, it's also the catholic guilt I feel for having had donuts for breakfast when I should know better.
So gym, yoga, and eating better are top priorities on my list right now. Healing my leg is second. I know I should be losing weight for health purposes, that's the pc thing to want, but honestly, I just felt better 8 pounds lighter. I felt good about myself, I felt like I looked better and my clothes felt better. Everyone I tell that I've gained weight, can't tell, but I can. So really, it's a matter of how *I* feel at what weight and I know, for mental stability, 8 pounds lighter would be great. So, that is my goal for the 3rd time. I'm also going to a chiropractor in hopes of fixing all the cracks and pops of my body. This is the year to fix myself: mentally, physically and emotionally and I think I'm taking the proper steps.

Next up: Argentine Tango!