Friday, September 14, 2007

Holy Soreness, Batman

So, I failed to mention yesterday that not only had I started The Bitch in the House, but I also met with my trainer from the gym. 7 am! I used to like to come home and work out, but as of the last few years, I got used to running or working out in the early mornings to "just get it over with" and it's stuck. It's nice to just get home and unwind after a full days work and work out, and it's still fairly early. Anyway, since it was our first day together, I think we just did about a half hour of a work out, but she was pushing me. We focused on legs, upper body and abs. Abs is a big thing for me cuz I'm a complete laze about it. Anyway, after my 3 mile jog this morning, I can finally feel the repercussions of yesterday. Ouch!

It's interesting to read all the different authors in The Bitch in the House. This one I came across yesterday, I didn't particularly like. She did bring up interesting points. In her marriage, her husband is the basically the primary care taker and she has to fight with him over their daughter's attention. I find that to be a bit uncommon in most of my experiences with mothers and children, so I found her essay intriguing, but her style of writing confusing and therefore, off-putting. When I read, writers for me often fall into four categories: writers I like, writers I don't like, writers I wish I was like, and writers I think I am like. It's much like vocalist. There are singers I admire, I don't care for and the ones I think I sound like. This particular writer I was reading, I disliked. I'm not sure if it's because I might write like that and therefore, confuse my audience, or I just didn't like it. The next one however, I found myself identifying with much more with her style of writing. I'm not done with the essay yet because it was getting late, but I am looking forward to finishing it tonight before I go to bed.

I would like to dive deeper into this idea of what a woman's role is in a marriage, a partnership, motherhood, everything the book talks about, but right now I'm a) not inspired (yet), and b) this is a one sided conversation. I'm basically talking to myself. So if I do have anything interesting to point out, I let you (me) know.

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