Friday, October 3, 2008


I was told I haven't posted in a while, and while it is true, there isn't really much to say. I've been busy at work, volunteering, singing, and working out. That's pretty much all I do. I don't have internet at home, or well, not enough to just hop on there and take about few hours to write a blog or ponder life, I just check email, check calendar, look up an address and I'm done.
My job has changed a bit in these last couple weeks which is fine by me. My position (which is about 8 different jobs in one) has been split in two. We have a person come in early in the mornings, part time, and leaves around one during the school year because she has two children in school. In the summer, she's a bit more flexible about covering later shifts, which is cool. So after both her and I getting our barrings, we've split up the duties. She answers phones, deals with clients, schedules and knows more techie things. I deal with more off the accounting part: accounts payable, receivable, invoicing, following up on invoicing, ASCAP submittal, so that has actually kept me pretty busy and away from boardem, which is good for me, bad for my blog writings.
One thing I am looking forward too this month, is like always Halloween, but not just thank BAKING! I'm so excited! I've got a few recipes I've seen in some magazines and websites so I'm just dying to try them out on people and try to get a bit more skill under my belt. I'm a pumpkin JUNKIE so I will be trying out a lot of pumpkin recipes. I'm also going to try to make soup. I wasn't very successful that one time I made Hungarian Mushroom soup, so hopefully a butternut squash or something of that sort will be better. So, that's probably what most of my posts will be about, all the baking I will do. I am excited for this month, cuz I just love fall, the colors and all of it's flavors so probably in about two weeks, stay tuned.

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