Tuesday, July 1, 2008

28 years old

Yesterday was my official birthday. As of 10:06 am Monday morning, I was 28. I was born in NW Portland, coincidently, on a Monday.

After a weekend of dancing and Mexican food, by the time Monday rolled around for my real birthday, I was a bit tired. Moodwise, I wasn't feeling so hot either, perhaps the lack of sleep. But, I read my Monday horoscope and it said I was feeling under the weather, so then I didn't feel so bad about it any more.

Anyway, yesterday my mom made a dinner of Salmon, pasta, and salads.

My whole family, as our tradition, joined in. Isaiah couldn't make it because he was stuck at work. We gathered around at the outside patio and started to spread around the food. My 4 year old nephew immediately went for the chips and yes, his nails are painted red. He wanted to be like his mom.

Later on, after all the food had been eaten, my brother did his usual nap time:

Then it was cake time. Can you see the haze in the pictures? I guess it was in the air, because there is no more haze now. I thought something was wrong with the pictures.

So, after present opening and cake eating, I headed back home to get some drinks with Isaiah and his friends. We ended up going to Bartini and enjoyed some cheese fondu.

So that was the birthday.

The End.

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Kristin said...

That looks like so much fun! The face shape of one of your brother's reminds me of David. I'm so glad you are posting pictures and stuff. It's so fun to see! Keep it up.