Sunday, June 29, 2008

New type post

I'm going to try to mimic a bit of why my friends to and post things other than just reading books, so bare with me that this one will be a bit random.

Tuesday night, Isaiah and I decided to make dinner. We decided to make dinner on a gas grill my mom had got for me. As many of you know, I have a tiny apartment with barely a space to sit outside, but I figured, we can manage.
So while he was in the shower, I tried to put together the grill. For some reason, I thought it already came assembled, so a quick half hour dinner quickly turned into an hour. Usually, I pride myself as a manually capable person. I can put bookcases together, shelves, etc. But since we were so tired, I really had no patience. As Isaiah got out, I have him the "man" job of doing that, and I did the "woman" job of putting the food together for grilling. Really, we go back and forth, but as mentioned, I was too lazy to deal with it. He finally got it put together and off to grilling.

That's him checking the chicken, sausage and veggies.

Mmmmm food.

Afterward, we had our typical bottle of champagne and season two of How I Met your Mother. It's AWESOME!

The real reason I'm deciding do to more extensive posts is because, as I discovered this morning, I do NOT take enough pictures. Case in point: Yesterday, I decided to celebrate my 28th birthday with an evening/night of dinner and dancing. I got up early with Isaiah who had to be at work at 7:30am. I decided to also stay awake so I made breakfast, cleaned up a bit, then headed to the gym for my 9am work out. My trainer kicked my butt! I am still so sore. After that, I showered and rushed off to catch to Portland Street car. I easily could have taken a picture of my journey, for example, the children playing in the Pearl's fountain, but did I? No, I'm a "mental picture" kind of person. Well crap! So, I went to my appointment at 11am and my 11:30am, I was done and found myself in center of the Saturday Market. Great opportunity to take pictures, huh? You're right and I didn't. Strike #2. So I just walked around and admired the flowers, fresh produced and hand made necklaces that I wanted to purchase. Since I've been tight with the cash, I really think twice about buying things. So I went home, made lunch, watched an episode of HIMYM (sorry Isaiah) and took a nap. I knew I'd be up pretty late that night, so I thought I'd fit it in when I could.
Fast forward a few hours and I'm meeting up for dinner at La Calaca Comelona with Kelly and Zach, Isaiah and I. This is really where I wanted to document my night and what happened? I forgot! I forgot to take a picture of my FANTASTIC Enchiladas Morelianas, Zach's Mole with Blackberries and basically, all of it! Right now as I look through my camera of the, oh, 8 pictures I took last night, I'm disappointed in myself. Sometimes I have so much going on in my head and then I focus on one thing like "it's hot!", "we're late", "my feet hurt", that I forget to sit back and really take it all in.
After dinner, it was dance time. We headed to the Mambo Lounge and bumped into my parents who were just arriving. It was nice to see that they were there, they looked so cute all dressed up. Once we got it, there was Laura, and Liz with Matt and shortly there after, Kelly and Zach. Late that night Golda showed up as did my brother, which was a very nice surprise. So did I take any pictures? Yes! How many, um . . .8? WTF I only took like 3 real pictures. Arg I'm so mad at myself.

So anyway, here are a few snippettes of last nights dance. I think my mom actually took some of me dancing with my dad. Enjoy.

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Kristin said...

Yay! Take more pictures! I love having a blog to post pictures, it kinda forces me to practice. That Mambo Lounge looks fun, but packed!