Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Wedding

This weekend, one of my good friends, Danielle, married her best friend Peter. They met the day of graduation about 4 years ago and pretty much have been together since. He followed her to Roseberg and she in turn followed him to Hollywood. They currently reside in Culver City, California where she works as a newspaper reporter and he as a video editor. I have learned a lot from their relationship and strive to have the same calm, loving and humorous relationship as they do. I'm glad I have a good example to add to my collection =)
So, it all started around 2:45pm on Friday driving down to Eugene. I headed out a bit later than I hoped for, but got some pretty pictures a long the McKenzie Hwy.

Danielle, early on, had sent me a link to the lodge we were staying at, Eagle Rock Lodge and I thought it looked absolutely beautiful. I was definitely not prepared for how I would fall in love with it.

Not only nature, but where we stayed. Here is the lodge and below was our room.

And, not only was the room large . . . it had a tub! So guess what I did the first night? Yup, took a bath and read. It was sweet!
The next day was Saturday, wedding day and we had a lot to get done. Breakfast was at 9am and the hair dresser was to come at 10am. Not only that, we were to make all the bouquets and flower centerpieces, as well as decorate all the table with table settings and the like:

Finally, with a little help from the boys, we got everything done and it was off to pictures and finally, the wedding!

This is are little beer foam man!

Then time for throwing of the garder:

Guess who got it?

All in all, it was a great weekend with a fantastic wedding included. Everyone was friendly, super nice and laid back. Danielle was a great bride, taking charge and NEVER acting like a diva. Everyone was so helpful and it made the day run smoothly. Here to hoping my wedding is just as calm and wonderful as this one!


Kristin said...

So pretty! I love the details on Danielle's dress.

Kelly said...

I'm stealing more of these for scrapbook practice. !!

McJumpguez said...

Sounds good. I will take those pictures. I'll try tonight.