Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sammy's House by Kristin Gore

After having had a kind of heavy last few days, and really a pretty graphic novel of the coming of age of a 13 year old child, I thought I'd head back to some comedy.

A few years back, I had first discovered Kristin Gore's book "Sammy's Hill". In the first chapter of the book, I was laughing hysterically . . . pretty much toward the end as well. So when I discovered that she had a follow-up book out on sale, I was ecstatic.

I bought the book at the local borders, ordered myself some stir fried and a vanilla martini at P.F. Chang's at Bridgeport and off I started reading. I was really excited only to discover: the character seemed neurotic to the point of annoyance. I read the first few pages disappointed. I wasn't sure if I was disappointed that it was similar to the first book, or that I had grown apart from the character. What I used to find endearing, I found annoying. What I used to hope for in the character, I now dreaded. I put my book down, disappointed and finished my meal. I hadn't touch that book since I bought it . . . 6 months ago.

So here I am, try number two. I started reading this last night and got tired and went to bed. Not a good sign, but I was slightly bored. I'm not very good at reading about politics (which both these books are about), but I won't give up. Try number 3 is on it's way . . .

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Kristin said...

Oh I HATE that, when you are so looking forward to a book and then it sucks. What a let down.