Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of Week One: Reflections

It's Sunday and its the end of week one of my ten week challenge. And how do I feel? I feel pretty good!

Sure, I get hungry, but what's really odd is that I've not been craving sweets very much, nor is it very hard to say no to many things. I said no to beer AND cake today. I have smelled the familiar scent of coffee, but I know its not off limits...just this week, so I do look forward to some coffee this week. I can feel a difference in the stiffness of my muscles, they are getting more flexible.

I've worked out every day this week that I was supposed to but due to a bit of poor time management, I've not done all that I wanted to do. I also feel like I could easily push myself so that's how I'm going to start out the week. Today, I did a "long" run, 3.5 and it felt pretty well. I feel like I"m getting back to my old pace. However, I can feel that my body *is* fighting me a little bit and random things are hurting but I"m looking forward to going to the chiropractor to get myself all lined up.

So, I just look forward to working even harder this week. I'm going to introduce alcohol and actual real breakfast back in so I hope that doesn't affect me too much. I've enjoyed cooking dinner and I have a nice vegetarian recipe to start tomorrow.

I'm exited. I think I"m doing well but I could always do better!


Anonymous said...

Yay I'm so glad you are doing a good job and feel good about everything! 9 more weeks to go and you'll feel terrific! :)

Kelly said...