Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cramming it all in

So, as far as I know, I am to start work this coming Monday, which means vacation is over tomorrow. I've had to change and move up a few appointments to this week. Plus, my mom had been gone for two weeks to I've been trying to cram in pre-birthday activities, early breakfast, Bar Method, working out, cleaning/organizing the house with DIY projects and finally a massage.

For a while now, I've been trying to plan out a day of Oaks Park rides and lunch with my oldest nephew, Dimitri and that day finally came yesterday.

I was planning on going to Oaks Park before lunch time, you know in case we got nauseated, but since Oaks Park didn't open till 12pm and I had done my bike ride and was starving, we decided to hit up lunch first, then Oaks Park. We knew what we were getting into.

My plan was to go to Lucy's Original food cart. Apparently they make burgers with...wait for it...cheese IN the meat. Wowsa! But luckily I'm a tia that looks ahead and before driving out there to find a closed cart...I looked it up. Yep, closed till July. I suppose I'll just have to find another excuse to go there next month ;)

Instead, I got some suggestions and decided on the Grill Cheese Grill. I've been to it before over on Alberta, but when I looked up their times, they had a brand new DOUBLE DECKER bus on SE Ankeny. At least it's a little closer to Sellwood and Oaks Park.

Off we headed to the Double Decker Bus. It was pretty cool.

We decided to climb up the stairs

Sadly, it was a little small for not only Dimitri, but me too!

After our delicious grilled cheeses (I got the one with havarti cheese, honey mustard, tomato and ham and Dimitri got the BLT with tillamook cheese) we drove back to my place, parked the car and headed to Oaks Park My plan had been to go to Oaks Park first to prevent feeling sick, but things didn't quite work out that way. After about the 4th ride, Dimitri and I were feeling pretty sick. I felt really bad because I've really been wanting to go to Oaks Park and ride the rides and I had an unlimited bracelet, but the rides that I did go on were SO.MUCH.FUN. I must say, it was a great day, other than the nausea. I definitely wouldn't mind going back...but perhaps this time on an empty stomach =D

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