Friday, July 17, 2009

I want a damn banana!

Yes, this is day 9 and I want food. Mainly fruit, but food nonetheless. I've not craved much in these nine days except for a turkey sandwich from Ken's, dried apples and last night, a banana. My mind, instead of staying calm and waiting for the last day, is starting to think of the ways I can gorge myself when I'm off, which is NOT the idea I had for this cleanse. My idea was to come of this feeling clean and free of toxins to smoothly transition into a healthier state of vegan eating, and slowly introduce meat back into my lifestyle but excluding dairy for now.
Instead, I'm angry, frustrated and want to eat grilled cheese sandwiches, beef-ka-bobs and what not.
So, I've decided that today will be my last day. I pondered it last night while I sat on the couch lounging and heading to the bathrooms more times than I liked to admit. I was done with this. I'm not sure I feel anything different. Perhaps I did do it wrong, but I did it. Maybe not all 10 days, but I did 9. Nine is better than none. So I bought some extra lemons before I decided this and I will be giving those left overs to my co-worker. I will THROW AWAY the cayenne pepper packet that I have and I will leave the maple syrup here at work. I am also worried about being in 85 degree whether tomorrow with nothing but water for oh 7 hours.
What have I learned:
Mentally: this cleanse should have been 5-6 days. Around those days were my high. I was feeling gung ho and good about everything. I was ready to eat healthy and craved nothing.
Physically: I think I could go longer without eating much, which will probably be the plan now that I start eating. Physically, I noticed no difference. I lost a bit of weight, but not as much as I expected. I had eaten a lot of food and not worked out the week of my birthday and well, my body just likes to pile on the pounds. So that was kind of a bummer, but oh well. This is a good starting off point and I can continue.
Eating: I don't need as much food to fill myself up as I think. So this time around, I will be very deliberate about what I eat and consume. Oh, I will be no angel about this, I'll have a cupcake or pastry here and there, but I'll try very hard to keep all the portions small. I enjoy that my stomach gets full after two glasses of water, so that is what I will try to keep up: a small stomach.

Today after work, I'm going to buy a ton of fruit and some nuts. I'm not sure how my tummy will fair with this, but we'll see. I really am worried about being out in the heat with nothing else to eat, so I'm goign to stash said nuts and dried fruit in my underwear! (I kid!)

So that's it. The master cleanse is over, one day short. And again, remind me NEVER to do this particular one again. If it has the word "CAYENNE" in it, I'm running.


Kristin said...

hahahah cute post, and I love the title of course. I'm so glad you are almost done with this. It was making my tummy hurt just thinking about it!

Kelly said...

Congrats on being almost done. Be really careful easing back into food. A little bit at a time. (But I know you know that:)

andrea said...

I know. I really need to be careful cuz all I want to eat are sandwiches and pastries right now, and cheese, oh lovely lovely cheese, but alas . . . fruit it is a few nuts here and there to tie me over.