Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 3

Day 3
So I'm going to try to change my tactic today. I went to bed super late and woke up early. Late because I drank two lemonades in a row and then the salt water flush and had to wait for it to go through my body before bed. I have to wake up early because I volunteer. Honestly, I'm not sure if its working or not. Perhaps I'm not that toxic. I can't tell if I'm eliminating enough or not. I'm not sure if I'm over doing it with the water. I'm really scared to get faint, but I'll just try to cut back on the lemonade and definitely the water and make my laxative tea a little stronger in the mornings and see if that helps. I'll take one at night too. I read in the book that the author only did the salt water flush 3 times and the rest was laxative (but he took pills, I don't want to.) So we'll see. Up the laxative strength, lower the lemonade intake to no more than 8 and lower the water. I just don't know what the water to lemonade ration should be.

So far, its 3:10 and I've only had 3 lemonades and my tea, no water. I feel a bit murky in the sinuses which the book said would happen. I feel stuff and my throat feels coated. I just woke up from a nap and want to take another. I hate taking naps in the middle of a sun shiny day, but oh well. I think I'm finally feeling a difference, but not sure. They say day one, thee and four are the hardest, but I don't know in what sense they mean. Hard in the not eating thing, or hard in the getting rid of waste thing. If its the waste, I hope so, If its the food, well its not that bad really. I got really hungry while being out in the garden, but when I came home and made a lemonade, I felt fine. It made me realize how MUCH I rely on eating food for comfort. On good days/months, I eat on a small meals on a schedule. Its hard to do on the weekends. On bad days, I eat whenever I'm hungry. I do like the first tactic because it doesn't give me a chance to starve and I am only using food to fuel my body. Right now, since food is cut out of the equation, I don't even think about it. I do think about how sad it is not to invite friends out for a happy hour or lunch because everything relies heavily on food or drink, so I'm being a bit of hermit, I know. I did go out last night with some friends, and surprisingly, I was fine. I did end up leaving a bit before they did cuz I was super hungry (it had been 5 hours between lemonades) and I smelled baked bread and wanted it really bad. So now, I can kind of see the difference between a craving and wanting. Once I removed myself, I didn't want the bread anymore. But yeah, I usually give into cravings, but now I'll think twice before I really want to do that to my body, cuz a craving is usually a slice of bread or a cupcake.

It's midnight, I have a headache and I'm hungry. Other than that, things are good. I do think perhaps two more glasses would have sufficed. Now I know, but all is still well so far. Six is perhaps not enough.


Kristin said...

I'm really glad this is a learning experience for you. Maybe afterwards you won't emotionally eat so much. I was confused by one thing though, you said on bad days you eat when you are hungry. I think you SHOULD eat when you are hungry, just small portions of somethign healthy.

McRiguez said...

What I mean by eating when I'm hungry is that I wait much too long to eat then I'm just STARVING, and instead of wanting a healthy salad or some type of veggie sandwich, I go straight for a burger or pepperoni pizza. If I schedule myself to eat every two hours or so, by the time I hit the "I'm hungry" mark (like dinner or lunch), I really do crave a salad. Since I work out, I try to fuel my body versus just eating for the sake of it. It's a tumultuous relationship I have with food.

Kelly said...

I'm finally caught up! (And then running back to editing!) This is pretty amazing Andrea! Keep it up. Keep us updated. I hope you're still feeling good today!