Friday, January 23, 2009

Assassination Vacation-Sarah Vowell

It's been a while since I've done a post about reading. Well, that's because it's been a while since I actually *did* some reading. I'd been taking a break from the reading probably around the holidays. Once Thanksgiving is over, most things come to a halt except caroling and gift buying. This year was extra stressful due to the two weeks of snow we encountered. You'd think I'd just curl up in a ball and read, but instead I just watched tv and or got stranded at Isaiah's house watching tv (which is nice cuz he gets more channels than me.) Also, as most things go, I wanted to be "in the mood" for a book. I'm still reading Slaves in the Family, as well as still interested in The Historian, but none of them were peaking my interest . . . until I came across a CNN interview on Sarah Vowell's most recent book The Wordy Shipmates. This book is about her quirky, humorous and Jeapordy-like knowledge about the puritans pilgramage to the US. When I heard this, I thought Omigosh, this will be great for my brother, him being a history buff and all. Then I thought, wait, I'm a history buff too, this will be perfect for me too! Thus, on my one of two outings, I made it to Powell's. However, instead of The Wordy Shipmates, I got Assassination Vacation because it was on sale. I thought, well Renato's birthday isn't for another month, I'll just buy it now, plus maybe I can read it before I give it to him ;) And that, I am doing.
I love Assassination Vacation so far. I did not read it as religiously as I should have when I bought it, but starting last week, I just can't put the book down when I pick i up at night. also, I don't want to drag it to the gym or work, because I still want it to look new for when I give it to my brother, oh, next week . . . shh don't tell.
I must say, I'm really enjoying this book and Ms. Vowell is a great story teller of history. She takes her work and her commentary very seriously, but it's delivered in a way that is welcoming, like she's telling someone a story. She has an unhealthy obsession with Abraham Lincoln and cherishes road triping to historical sites. Ah, kindred spirits? Perhaps, but I suck at the kind of writing that she could do.
So if you're interested in history with a nice sharp tongue pick up Assassination Vacation where Sarah Vowell takes you through the four major presidential assassinations starting with Lincoln. And I must say, the timing is perfect because there was one such president inaugurated just this past week who is equally (probably not so unhealthily) obsessed with Lincoln as well.

p.s. I got internet at home and feels good. But I gotta control myself . . .


Leland Baxter-Neal said...

I just recently read The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, and think you would really like it (if you haven't read it already). It is an autobiography unlike any I have ever read, and reminded me a little of the way I was raised,only my parents were much more responsible, thank God.

McJumpguez said...

I'll have to check that out when I'm done with this one =)