Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Begining to look a lot like Christmas . . .

Well, a Hollywood "white" Christmas that is (no pun intended.)

After my last successful caroling gig on Saturday night, Isaiah and I headed over to my parent's company party where Isaiah proceeded to drink shots of tequila as if he were back in Mexico at the quinceniera.

Sunday morning, even though hung over his head perked up at the word "snow". "Really?" he asked, slowly opening his blood shot eyes. Really. There were at least 2 inches of snow by 10:30.

Since I'm a fantastical planner, I had packed a bag of boots, pants, sweaters, hat and scarf since I knew I'd be riding the bus Sunday back home when Isaiah left for work. I did forget gloves and socks though!

But since it had snowed so wonderfully, I didn't feel like isolating myself in the confines of NW Portland. I wanted to share the joy of snow with friends, thus I invited myself over the Liz, Bruno and Laura's house, and they all graciously accepted. Thank god for friends! So off I trekked.

(Above is their cute house.)

After having made Laura drop her cell phone in the snow, she gave me directions to her house from Isaiah's. Surprisingly enough, they were only about 4 blocks away and I made it. While there, I heated up my toes at their fake fire place and helped Liz bake cookies while Bruno cooked a fritta. I took pictures around their house and we finally had lunch.

Afterward, I knew time was ticking for me to get back home before the temperature plummeted even more and go dark. I wanted to make this trek during the say since I'd never ridden the bus this far out and to my surprise, it was quite easy and perfect. Both Isaiah and the house are right off of the trimet bus path so going back and for will be pretty easy. It also passes through downtown, Pioneer Square, China town and up to 21st all the way to Montgomery Park. I love you bus 17!

I finally made it home and my little car was still trapped in between two cars who seem to want me to pull an Austin Powers. I guess I won't be moving my car until the snow melts (which won't be for another week, I think.) But have I mentioned I love the bus 17? Venturing out to SW Portland though, won't be too easy. I'm supposed to be at Washington Square at 9am on Saturday and the plan was to spend the night at my brother's place in Bull Mountain. I don't think I can make it out there without a car, so I might have to head out to my other brother's place, by Hayhurst over at SW 45th. But we'll see . . .

But for now, enjoy some pics!
(My poor car!)


Laura said...

I love your NW Portland snow photos!

BTW-The cell phone dropping was all my own doing--you are not in any way implicated. Sometimes clumsy is my middle name. :)

McJumpguez said...

Haa haa, k! But I'm sure the constant flow of texted did help!

Oh, btw, how was the friendship bread? It smelled so good!

Kristin said...

I love the snow pics. I wish it looked more snowy on Bainbrige. We hardly got anything and now its just crusty and hard.

Laura said...

It turned out really good, but I think I'm the only one who's been eating it.