Friday, February 1, 2008

Running goals

So, I've been thinking about this a lot lately and today I received my Race Center magazine

and pretty much solidified what I'm going to do.

In April, I shall run a 10k (again) for the Bridge to Bridge and Brews. When I ran the 10k for Cinco de Mayo, I told myself that there was really no need to ever do that again. I got bored and I was in pain. This time, I have better shoes and a better sports bra. I absolutely love running outside (which I now do rarely) and I love crossing bridges, so I thought, why not run over the bridges? Oh right, I also like beer and who can resist Widmer.

In May, I shall continue the traditions and do the Cinco de Mayo 5k. This time, I'm inviting my quite athletic 12 year old nephew, and my friend Liz.

In October, I might just try another 10k for the Run Like Hell. That was fun last time. Perhaps this year I really will dress up . . .

So those are my running goals. I like to have them. It helps me stay on track, gives me a better and less superficial reason to work out than "I want to loose weight". So for now, I will continue my training with my trainer and then after my week off while in Mexico (I'll still bring my running clothes), I'll start training hard core for the Bridge to Bridge 10k.

I'm hoping if all goes well, and there is minimal pain . . . I'll run the HALF marathon next year or the year after. The Run of Roses. Can she do it?

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