Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to . . . DONE!

On the last leg of my flight from Mexico yesterday, I finished Jenna Jameson's memoir. It's bitter sweet because it ended with a happy ending, but in reality, her "loving" marriage ended in a childless divorce and cancer scare.

I know in my previous post I had alluded to the fact that I felt sorry for her. I want to retract that. I'm am a naturally empathetic person, but when someone has a life, not like my own, I think my default thought is "oh, that poor thing". It made me realize that just because someone does not have my life, or similar to it, doesn't mean they are a failure, life will not turn out ok for them, or that they are bad people. I really like Jenna Jameson because she is her own person, makes her own decisions and is honest when she knows and can identify the mistakes she's making. Sure, she has her faults, but she was/is brave enough to live her own life the way she wants it. I wish I had that fearlessness, but I have come to a point in my life where I am living the life I want. Much of this life that I want, does not depend on me alone. I want to get married, have a family, but obviously there is a second component to that. That component wants to get through school, so I gotta wait, but that's ok because I know what I want.

In the end, I recommend this book. As mentioned, Jenna is not perfect and yet, still had her fun and knew when she needed to stop to take care of herself. This book is not just about a woman in the porn industry, it's about a woman who beat the odds, rose above those odds and built an empire in a male dominated world . . . with her goofy sense of humor still intact.

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Kristin said...

I'm glad to hear you liked this book. I think I might read it as well. I've been curious about what makes a person want to be a porn star, and how they feel about it.