Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, it's been a while. Why? Well, I've been injured and sick, sick and injured. For the past 4-5 weeks, I pulled, strained, hurt, cursed a muscle in my butt. It's still not completely healed. I can feel it now and again in certain positions (like when I sleep or get out of the car) but I *think* (hope) its getting better. It got so bad two weeks ago, that I was limping, so I decided to go to a sports medicine doctor. That appointment is tomorrow. My biggest fear is that he'll tell me to not work out and rest . . . but I did that! I did that for 4 weeks and gained 8 pounds! I cannot do that again. On top of the stupid muscle, I got a cold and was out of the gym for 2 of those 4 weeks. I started to feel sorry for myself and instead of curbing my eating, I decided donuts for breakfast was a great solution. Eight pounds later, I'm heavier, unhappy and pissed off! So last week, I was back to it. I was finally feeling better, the leg was feeling a bit better and the eating, well, I'm re-training myself day by day and did really great yesterday. I did yoga twice last week and I hope to do it twice this week but I've made a few plans after work, so if I get a good nights' sleep one of these nights, I'll attempt the 6am yoga. Am I insane? Um, yes, it's also the catholic guilt I feel for having had donuts for breakfast when I should know better.
So gym, yoga, and eating better are top priorities on my list right now. Healing my leg is second. I know I should be losing weight for health purposes, that's the pc thing to want, but honestly, I just felt better 8 pounds lighter. I felt good about myself, I felt like I looked better and my clothes felt better. Everyone I tell that I've gained weight, can't tell, but I can. So really, it's a matter of how *I* feel at what weight and I know, for mental stability, 8 pounds lighter would be great. So, that is my goal for the 3rd time. I'm also going to a chiropractor in hopes of fixing all the cracks and pops of my body. This is the year to fix myself: mentally, physically and emotionally and I think I'm taking the proper steps.

Next up: Argentine Tango!

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Anonymous said...

Tango? Do tell.... Mó and I took a personal class once. Very cool. but we lacked the dedication (something about dueling periodista and fotopreiodista schedules reducing our free time to eating and sleeping).