Monday, March 16, 2009

Just say no: But I don't want to

It's sad but true. I have to stop running.

All my goals and my hobbies, *poof* gone due to what the doctor says "shallow hip sockets" as well as perhaps a tear in my joints or arthritis. All in my hips. It wasn't exactly the news I wanted to hear, but I knew it was coming. Gone are the days of intense training, gone are the long runs of accomplishment. Gone are the dreams of someday running a half marathon.

All gone.

But what do I get? Well, I get to discover new hobbies and perhaps focus on those more fervently like dancing. I like to dance, but I'd like to get better. What about cycling. Yeah, I could try that.

The other things I'd like to try out more would be my photography, my writing, and of course, my reading. I love to read. So yes, I will continue to train, but I won't be doing any of the runs. I'll just hop on an elliptical or go for a very hilly walk on the tread mill. I enjoy working out, but I hate the stigma that comes with it, that's why I liked the 10k training as a guise, but now I have to just suck it up and say, "yeah, I like to go to the gym. I like endorphins."

Hopefully backing off of the running will give me a full life without too much hip pain, perhaps a good 40 years before I need a replacement. Perhaps . . .


- A - C - said...

I'm sure a resourceful girl like you will find a ton of interesting new activities, to the point you may end up asking yourself "why haven't I done it before?"

good luck!

McRiguez said...

Thanks A.C.
That's exactly the comment I needed!